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Thread: Hello everybody! Camera choice help please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinholecam View Post
    Usually IT Fair is not a good place to buy, they are usually recommended retail prices (RRP). They give away mostly useless freebies. If you are starting out fresh w/o anything, maybe the freebies can be useful (eg. memory card, screen protector, bag).

    dun buy from IT fairs.. it's meant to trick people. the average consumer thinks that IT fairs are the cheapest..NOT REALLY! u can get cheaper stuff going on a normal day to even SLS. and usually the service staff at IT fairs don't know their stuff...(i've yet to meet one that does)

    in fact.. IT fairs are the best time to go to the shops at funan or other places!! cause everyone's at the IT one at the shops..

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    I saw my thread again, and realise i have yet to draw a close to my question! So, allow me to do it now.

    I got the white K-x eventually! And i am insanely happy with it. =D No problems whatsoever, none with the battery also. I have taken 400 photos, of which 1/4 are with the built in flash and i have spent lots of time tinkering with the many options and the built-in effects like Fish-eye, toy camera etc etc. It's been 4 days since a bought it. And the battery is STILL full. Cool.. Is it supposed to last at this rate?

    I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone here who had so patiently and kindly given me so thorough answers for me to think through in order for me to reach a decision. I have made a decision i am happy with and it is all the credit of the kind people here. People like pinholecam, android17, rashkae, night86mare, and many many more..

    Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    to you guys! =)

    Lastly, let me pass on the kindness to the newbies like me who will find their way here to ask the big brothers and sisters about the camera choice. I am pasting below a copy of my reply to a fellow CSer, which about runs through my decision making process, my reason behind my final choice(this is something i am sure many people who are asking for opinions will want to know), as well as the lesson i have learnt after months of this piece of decision making.

    It is an objective summary, in my opinion, and hopefully i will be able to help newbies in this difficult "what camera to get" stage the way people have helped me. =)

    Once again, thanks guys.. =)

    ================================================== ===================

    i am new too. =D

    and in fact, i spent months researching on cameras before coming to a decision to buy the D3000.

    but! when i discovered this wonderful place with the wonderful people, i was introduced to the pentax k-x. DAMN! more research and comparison followed..

    i got the white k-x 3 days ago.. and i am deliriously, ecstatically, and wholesomely 100% happy with it. =D

    i dare say i am a "senior" in this rather torturous "which camera to buy" stage, so let me pass on the kindness i received here and give u some tips to make a decision which, while it may not be the best from other's perspective, it will be a decision that you will be happy with.

    firstly find out what you want in your camera. go and familiarize yourself with the comparison points of each camera within your budget, and identify the few that you like. allows you to compare cameras spec-by-spec, and i used it countless of times in my months of research.

    do you want video? do you want the in-built focus motor? do the megapixels matter to you? do you want ONLY canon or nikon cameras and lenses?

    my gathered opinion after these months of research yielded a few conclusions.
    1. Nikon and Canon are the best in the field the top-end professional levels.
    2. Nikon and Canon spend a LOT on advertising. inevitably, the cost of the advertising is passed on to consumers.
    3. This is where a brand like Pentax shines. Though less popular, for the price of a entry level Nikon or Canon, you get a camera with the specs and performance level of a Mid range Nikon or Canon.
    4. My conceptions might be wrong. BUT at my level i cannot tell the difference, and in the time it takes for me to be more "pro" and eventually upgrade, i will learn more and then make a wiser decision when it comes to the more money spent on better bodies/lenses. It is not too late to switch if i am wrong. And that will apply to you as well.

    In conclusion, the camera you use as a beginner doesnt matter and it is more important you use it to learn and hone your shooting skills.

    Thus, take the time to research, explore, feel identify the one you like based on the expectations you have, and the features you like. And of course, your budget.

    After that, bloody get it.

    If u ask me why i chose the K-x over any of the rest, it is because
    1. It comes in white. It is a beauty and a beast at the same time
    2. It has excellent high ISO performance. (better than the D90 in some comparison tests)
    3. It can take videos in high quality. The D3000 cannot, and the D5000 too, if i am not wrong. And the video length is longer compared to the many others.
    4. When i checked out the reviews, i was expecting the K-x to be compared with the entry levels of other brands. But no! The k-x was compared to MID-RANGE levels of other brands! i LOVED this fact. makes me feel good that i, as a newbie, can get to own a "mid-range" camera"

    Hahahaha. That may be shallow thinking. LOL.

    But i love my camera and now i can happily go on to learn all i can. That's the important think for a beginner, i feel.

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    I'm thinking of getting a pentax K-x also.
    Where you bought yours?
    How much did you get it for?


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    i got mine at SLR Revolution for 960, with a bag and a uv filter and a screen protector

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