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Thread: tips for displaying photos

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    Question tips for displaying photos

    hi all, my 1st post here.

    just to ask if anyone has tips on displaying photos on the wall to create a mosaic. and at the same ensure that the photos remain reasonably clean and undamaged.

    thought of using post-it memo pads but these are too costly (about $18 for one as big as about two A3-sized sheets). i wish to cover a typical hdb room wall from slightly above eye level to the knee level.

    much thanks!

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    How about black mounting board and photo corners?

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    hi thanks! i ll check it out (have only a vague idea of what black mounting boards and photo corners are).

    perhaps i should rephrase the question:

    how do you folks display your photos in a creative way? besides online galleries/sites, hard-copy albums and in photo frames.

    me, i thought it'll look neat to have a mosaic of my fave pictures as wallpaper, in the literal sense. but i am stuck as to how to go about it.


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    Black mounting boards: those thick/stiff cardboards that has a black surface. Usually available in sizes of 50cm x 80cm, bigger or smaller.

    Photo corners: those removable double-sided stickers that dispenses from a paper box like those reinforcement rings. As its name suggests, you stick them to the 4 corners of your photos and then mount them to any flat surface.

    Both are available at any good stationary shops.

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    Hi Ah Pao,
    Thanks again!

    I'll get to work on it once free time beckons.

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    Default Re: tips for displaying photos

    hey, another cool idea. saw this display from Topman.

    hang several fishing lens then clip each photo to the line, arrange it whatever you like.
    it also prevents the photos from dropping off from aging/non-stickiness over time.
    and best part if u get bored of some pictures, can change.
    "The photographic image ... is a message without a code."
    -Roland Barthes, French thinker


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