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    Red face Portrait Shooting

    Hi everyone!

    I have some really noob questions to enquire on portrait shots, hope you guys won't laugh at my stupid questions!

    I would like to sell some clothes online and therefore am planning to set up a portable home studio and take photos of the models wearing the clothes to be sold online.

    Is this possible if i would like to use my Lumix LX3?

    and this studio set "* Tago Tech 650 Watts Studio Light - Ultimate *" ?

    For white backdrop, can i actually buy those type that is used as a background for projectors?

    Thank you!

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    Yup, that kit is a continuous lighting setup, so you don't need to worry about syncing the flash or such so you can simply point and shoot. For white backdrops, not exactly wrong to get those projecter screens, but if you want to take full length shots you'll run into problems.. another point to take note, you will get a grey background due to light falloff if you just light for your model only, you'll need to consider a separate light for the background to get it white..

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    Default Re: Portrait Shooting

    you can projector screen as backdrop, but usually the are not big enough, anyway, you still need to light the backdrop even you are using projector screen, and be warn you might get lens flare since such material is highly reflective.
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