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Thread: can you type without looking at the keyboard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by isss
    You know, I was wondering, how many people here can go without their computers, their electronic devices .... even mobile phones ...

    I know I can't. I'm addicted to technology.
    I was without my internet connection for 2 whole weeks because I didn't pay my bills
    I was itching to get online but I guess the cold turkey period was good.

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    the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog..

    Haa.. what's the correct typing technique?

    eh you know the research that the university made, it's bull crap. you have to be effluent in english to be able to read wrods taht are not in oderr..

    Try giving that to some china man.. heh.

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    haha i have to look at the keyboard to get the first letter first. like DOH!

    lol. test: the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

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    ok , where did you learn your typing skill?? I learnt it in IRC , msn, icq, aol ...etc..... chit chat that's it.
    Objection !!!

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    the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy fox
    When I do right, no one remembers. When I do wrong, no one ever forgets.

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    the quick briown fox jymp opve the kaxy dod....

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