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    Hi, I'm looking for one of those bluetooth enable cameras. Apparently there's only one so far, as far as ive know, it's the Kodak v610.

    Can someone tell me wehre can i find one? Or are there anyone on this forum that is selling it?

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    Default Re: Bluetooth enabled cameras

    Not aware of this technology being implemented in digital camera. Yes, digital camera phones but not digital camera.

    Not sure what is the reasons for the manufacturers not utilizing this technology. Perhaps the speed is too slow to transfer the huge file size that today's big megapixel cameras generate?
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    Speed is WAY too slow. You'll die of old age before transferring a 4GB card. That's why they're starting to implement wi-fi. Many high-end DSLR cameras have a wi-fi grip for example.

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    what if i just want to transfer a photo? just one?

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    Cameras are not developed along such questions. Either the feature "image transfer" is not available (lower models) or the feature must suit professional needs and is available in the professional models. After some time certain features become also available in lower end models.
    Have you tried a backup of an average mobile phone via BT? Takes already ages and USB is much faster.


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