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Thread: Halp finding studio equipment.

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    Default Halp finding studio equipment.

    Hi. Nt sure if this is the right place to post but I need some help.

    My boss is looking for a white backdrop that is not made of muslin/cloth. It must be lightweight, surface made of paper material, framed, with thick/stiff enough backing so it wont fold on it own weight. Area would be roughly 100cmx120cm +/- 10cm.

    This backdrop will be used on a normal backdrop system (2 light stands and a cross bar)

    I could prolly DIY frm items in Art Friend but im not the one calling the shots.

    Thx alot.

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    Default Re: Halp finding studio equipment.

    So? what kind of help you are looking for? buy everything from one camera store? no, they don't supply the exact background you want.

    you don't need two light stand and a cross bar, since it is just a small board, one light stand with two spring clams will do, one at the top another at the bottom. add a weight at the bottom of the light stand will do.

    so you can just buy a compress form board, mounting board or whatever from Art Friend, and bring the board to Oriental Photo, ask them recommend the right items to go with the background you want, test out till it work fine everything at the store.
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    Default Re: Halp finding studio equipment.

    TagoTech i-store?

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    Default Re: Halp finding studio equipment.

    i just called O.P. they dont do it... gonna check tago now.


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