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Thread: Film prices in Tokyo?

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    Default Film prices in Tokyo?

    Hi guys,

    I'm heading to Tokyo for the second time, but last time I was with my trusty Canon 40D and didn't really worry about film.

    Since then I've gone 100% film, and was hoping some people who have recently been, or are living there now could tell me the prices of some 35mm and 120 film?

    Particularly after some of my favourites, Provia 400X, Portra 160 and 400 NC and VC.

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Film prices in Tokyo?

    i am not sure about those films you mentioned,

    but i usually stock on on ilford infra-red and kodakchromes (expired ones) and alot of velvia in tokyo

    try akihabara, try keitaro's photo supplies shops. (one note, shops there move quickly, so he may have alr moved)

    his shop logo is one big nikon F camera. has alot of film there at good prices
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