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Thread: Recommendation for a digicam

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    Default Recommendation for a digicam

    Dear all

    Can recommend me a slim/compact digicam with budget of $400? Pls state price/place to get if possible. Asking for a friend. Thank you.

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    Anyone? My friend needs to make a decision soon.

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    $400 ?? quite hard leh... cos memory already $$$ so left with $$300+ , check out offerings from fuji/pentax thier 2 mpix model shld be around there....
    Or if can stretch abit $450 can get the minolta X20 bundle at MS color if promotion still on... go to the promotions section on thier webby.... cos bundle include case.,64mb memory and rechareable batteries and charger........

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    Thanks hammer.

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    $400 adds a little more to $470, can buy that Panasonic F-1S which is a 3.2MP


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