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Thread: How do you protect your equipment against a house fire?

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    Default Re: How do you protect your equipment against a house fire?

    Ok, just found out that safe with moisture-proof and fireproof costs at least 10K

    So, buy a 10K+ safe to protect equipment worth 10K+, huh?

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    Default Re: How do you protect your equipment against a house fire?

    if really got fire... u already lose ur house ur furniture... how ex can ur camera get compared to the rest..
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    Default Re: How do you protect your equipment against a house fire?

    Quote Originally Posted by Travelmate View Post
    Hi hotwork77

    What brand of moisture and fire-proof safe is that picture showing? Is it available here? Looks to me like the COBRA safe by Chubb, right?

    I thought safes are non-airtight? As such air (with mosture) will get in unless you're keeping your medias in media boxes which are airtight. Medias like flash cards, diskettes, tapes etc are small items so they can be kept in airtight media boxes which in turn can be kept in the safe. But cameras, lens, binos etc are larger items. To keep these items would mean the safe itself must be airtight. Alternatively, you can keep some silica gel in the safe to control the moisture level.

    As long as the safe is not airtight then damage to the equipment due to temperature is still there

    Hi Travelmate...

    The picture shown earlier is a data safe from Schwab Corp. which will protect your supposedly DVDs, tapes, cameras etc from fire. It won't protect you from burglary. There's no moisture control. You can buy special miniature moisture cum temperature box from Schwab as show in picture below.

    Data Safes are air tight. Don't confuse it with normal money safes which is not air tight.

    If you live in Singapore, the probability of losing your stuff in a fire is less than 0.5%. You are more likely to lose it to fungus infestation due to our higher himidity. There's also a higher chance of losing it through corrosion.

    Hope that helps.
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    Default Re: How do you protect your equipment against a house fire?

    Hi hotwork77,

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Are you saying that Schwab data safe is airtight under normal circumstance i.e. when there's no fire? Or is it airtight ONLY during a fire?

    If the Schwab data safe is NOT airtight during normal use then medias (such as diskettes, flash memory sticks, portable hard disk, dvds etc) can be kept inside the media box (which is airtight, thus, moisture-proof) which in turn can be kept inside the data safe.

    According to EAGLE data safe it's ONLY airtight during a fire because the safe's door expanded and fit itself tightly against the safe box. Also, even though the safe is airtight when there's a fire but the temperature inside can go up to 60 deg C......a temp which is beyond the safe rating of most commercial equipment unless its manufactured to military standard. In this case equipment (whereby the parts are electronics, plastics, rubber, glass etc) kept inside will definitely be spoilt.

    Since you recommend Schwab data safe (may be you own one) can you give some info on the inside temp of the safe when there's a fire?

    Presuming that cameras, binos, lens, videocams etc can be kept inside the media box which in turn is kept inside the data safe and the inside temp of the safe reaches 60 deg C (or slightly less) do you think the media box will hold out?

    If yes, then we'll have the perfect solution since the data safe is fireproof and the media box is airtight (also moisture-proof) when there's a fire.

    BTW, who's the supplier of Schwab data safe in Singapore?

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    Default Re: How do you protect your equipment against a house fire?

    Glad U asked. Nice ideas shared by all. Thanks guys, u have got a lot of useful informations for the people to come and look.

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    Default Re: How do you protect your equipment against a house fire?

    You can buy insurance.
    I checked with AIA if my home fire protection will cover the camera equipment, they said yes if provided i can show original receipt (wtf in case of the fire were the hell i am going to produce receipt from?).
    I am going to check with Alliazn, they charge 4% of total value and think cover accidental damage 70%, and of-course they have other type of coverage also.

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