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    Travel is a wonderful thing,I like it and I am also a Photographer.

    I have too many photos . Those are about people , cars , nature, food, and so on.

    I have a lot of pictures, too many... I found a good tool to put them together, and now I can put some special things in it.

    I can't insert my album into this thread...

    Please click this link to see my album, I promise there is no virus, just an album!

    Ops, I forget to introduce this tool, it's Sothink Album Maker, it's FREE!
    You can have a try, I hope it will help you.

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    Yes I do be agree with you .We are so young ,

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    In additional ,I want to say that your album is very beautiful .I like it too much.
    Looking for your more works!

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    I am sorry i'm late to reply.and thank you for your appreciating my work.You can do so .

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