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Thread: Unleashing the potential of a 2MP Cam

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    Default Unleashing the potential of a 2MP Cam

    hi guys, newbie here, just bought my first digi cam, a coolpix 2100. Well, thats the best i can afford anyway. Any advice on how to unleash all the potential of this baby?

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    1. shoot at the highest quality jpeg setting.
    2. frame accurately - you do not have the luxury of cropping afterwards! use lcd for greatest accuracy.
    3. read the manual (3 times minimum from cover to cover).
    4. do not use digital zoom.
    5. use a tripod when shooting in low light, especially at full telephoto zoom setting.

    hope this helps!

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    the potential is in you, not the cam.

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    try all the white balance settings and have an understanding of color temperature. this will help you lots...

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    I brought the coolpix 2100 for my office, it was very handy on your palm. Keep on shooting your potential will be unleash in no time to come
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