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Thread: Places for butterfly photography??

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    Default Places for butterfly photography??

    Guys, I just read today's newspaper (My Paper) about the park connectors..
    It mentioned that "there is a butterfly garden along the Pang Sua Park Connector,
    near Jalan Teck Whye".

    I'm interested to go down and take photos of butterflies.

    Have anyone been there?
    If yes, how is it?


    Another hotspot for butterfly photography is the butterfly garden @ Alexandra Hospital?
    Is it open to public all the time?

    On top of all these, any other places to recommend for butterfly photography?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Default Re: Places for butterfly photography??

    If u don't mind standing outside Hougang Pri School, the fence opposite their garden.
    Lots of butterfly, but only have the species in your avatar, it's called common tiger right?


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