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    Hi guys, I'm new here. I have some MiniDV tapes and DVDs that contains precious videos of my loved ones from years ago and I'm thinking of investing in a dry cabinet to store them. I read somewhere that it's not safe to put them in dry cabinets cause it will dry up the tape and make them this true? Please advise where I can store them safely and what sort of Relative Humidity (RH) I should set for MiniDV tapes & DVDs if storing in dry cabinets. Thank you.

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    Long version:

    Short version: Transfer them/back-up to HDDs and copy DVDs.

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    40%RH -55%RH
    Still cameras, video cameras, lens, microscopes, telescopes, negatives, tapes, videos,
    slides, microfilms;
    Various optic products, CD, DVD,VCD, hi-fi stereos, computer products, books, ancient
    paintings, coins, stamps, money, art works.

    Precise metal materials, electronics, pottery and porcelains, semiconductors, PC boards;
    various precise instruments, metallic musical instruments, clothes, leather, gold and
    silver; various treasure collections.

    Under 30%RH
    Herbal medicines, tea leaves, seeds, spices, pollen, medicinal materials, chemical raw

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    I've already back-up my DV tapes contents to DVDs so I guess I'll be storing them both in a dry cabinet @ 40%RH -55%RH then. Just to play extra safe, I think I'll back it up to HDD as well. Thanks to both of you for your replies.


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