Lingerie/Bikini Babes Car Shoot (OCT3115)
Event code : OCT3115
Date : 31 Oct (Sat)
Time : 3pm - 5:30pm (2.5 hours include half hour break). Meetup time : 2:30pm

Theme :
First hour : Sexy Fashion
Second hour : Bikini / Lingerie
Location : To be confirm to confirmed participants.
Group Size : 8 to 12
Cost : $50 per pax (early bird before 29 Oct, otherwise $60 per pax)

1. Refreshment will be provided
2. Location to be confirmed to confirmed participants.
3. Payment mode advance for early bird or pay on the spot.
4. All are welcome to join whether newbies or experienced shooters.



Booking Details
SMS "Your Name, Your Nickname, Your email, OCT3115" to 82596773 FOR BOOKING.
OR EMAIL with your name, nickname and subject code OCT3115 to

Thanks and have a nice day!