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Thread: LX3 pictures with firmware V2.1

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    Default LX3 pictures with firmware V2.1

    Any comments of your pictures with firmware v2.1?

    I find that the pictures High Dynamic scene mod highly saturated. ex the green becomes very green though the WB seems bettter.

    Anything else you discovered please share.

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    Default Re: LX3 pictures with firmware V2.1

    I'm using "Standard" as my default setting.

    What I can say the WB (AUTO) still not able to satisfy me.

    I took picture in the Paulaner 2nd Floor,
    where a lot of incandescent lights hanging on top of your dining tables.
    I took 2 kind of pictures (with and without flash) and with RAW+Fine JPEG.

    To be my surprise was.
    1. If you are not using flash,
    There is a very minimal WB difference between RAW and JPEG (slightly correct).
    2. If you are using flash,
    The picture was towards orange/yellow-ish color (too warm).
    If you try to set towards the correct color, the white might turn more blue-ish (too cold).

    There another scenario/setting that I have no time to check,
    The scenario is Sunrise, previously in the FW 1.X sunrise will have a lot of Orange Cast.

    Probably any CS-er can try, and how it goes.


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