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Thread: How to open Raw with the embedded profile?

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    Default How to open Raw with the embedded profile?

    i've got hold of adobe CS4 and use it to open the raw NEF files from nikon D90. this is run on windows 7.

    i used to be able to open NEF files from nikon D50 on windows XP and CS2 such that the raw file when carry the embedded profile and looks exactly the same as what i see on the jpeg, and then i change the settings i want on the NEF file before i save as a photoshop file (PSD).

    but now i;m using CS4 and it does not carry the embedded profile. the raw file being opened, despite of being in the "as shot" white balance, shows a picture that has different white balance, contrast and colors from what i see on the jpeg and is much less desirable than the jpeg. there is also no controls to alter the active d-lighting setting either. is that something that i failed to install or update which causes me not to be able to open the raw file with the embedded profile from nikon?
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