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Thread: Newbie needs help

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    well. sony user here..

    budget wise sony is the best of course.

    for the others can try bah..

    quite impressed by nikons though..

    but i shall not succumb to my darkside :X

    best to check out the different photos by different cameras. try to find those UNPROCESSED ones and see loh.

    when i was choosing.. everyone keeps advising me to go test out the camera and find out which is comfortable in my hands.. end up i got an a200 as it fits my hands

    the 350d or 400d was too small for me

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    Default Re: Newbie needs help

    Quote Originally Posted by donut88 View Post
    how much A33 costs from M S Colour?

    I'm seriously thinking of getting this......
    fyi, the a330 has very small viewfinder.. smaller than the competition.. so got to consider that.
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