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Thread: is it allowed?

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    Default is it allowed?

    am scouting ard for a D80 / D90 in the CS personal classified site..
    when i see a posting which interest me, i will usually "see previous post" to see if there is any previous post and if there's any obvious sign of discrepancies which might indicate a dishonest seller..

    Here's some of the things i notice:
    1) some seller have multiple d90s for sale
    they 'sold' one on a previous listing and have another d90 for sale 2 days later - and this repeats itself - how possible is it?

    2) some seller are selling their camera at prices higher than brand new!!

    3) some buyers like to post their WTB with a lower price after a particular model of camera which just had a WTS by someone else at a higher price

    4) some sellers like to post and re-post and re-post at the same price (thought with demand vs supply..somehow the price should drop?)

    hehehhehe...wat do u all think?!
    cats & kids...i can't decide which one i like to snap (my camera) at more..

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    Default Re: is it allowed? as usual...the world is working.

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    Default Re: is it allowed?

    There's one born every it a sucker or a rip off artist and yes there are those somewhere in the middle who do come clean with you. The fact you all these caught your eye should have gain you the experience to know how not to get rip off and spot the best deals. Like everything else....a little home work and observation goes a long way. ... and alittle bit of luck.


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