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Thread: need help pls

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    Default need help pls


    sorry to bother u guys, by the way how do i attach a pic saved in my harddrive into a thread.

    thnx & Gong Xi Fa Cai

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    you cannot do that...

    if you want to display photos for everyone to see... u have 2 choices...

    1. Link it to your website(www.imagestation, ...) And telling everone your site...

    2nd is more tedious but more useful for everyone:

    1. Upload to a online photo gallery(like or
    2.Link the photos to our forum by:
    When submitting a new thread, click on the picture icon(in the post thread page) and typing the URL inside.

    How to get the URL of the photo i already uploaded to a thrid-party website?
    1.Right CLick on photos, click properties. The URL is under the Address section.


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