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Thread: Are you ready for SDXC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soons View Post
    I am more interested in making 1TB SSDs via SDXC rather than popping them in Cameras.
    tt's possible too. if u get proper sata-sd adapters.. else usb2.0 connection will be quite pointless..
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneKoh View Post
    I guess another thing to note for SD technology, is the read/write number limitations before the physical flash media starts to break down...

    Let's assume the limit is writing 1000 times... So if you take 1000 photos separately on a 64GB SD, you'll end up with a damaged card before you even finish filling it up with pictures...

    That's one big thing tat's holding me back from using SD cards for DSLRs...

    I still prefer the CF... More hardy...
    It's not limited or applicable only to SD. It depends on the Flash memory being used on that particular card. Do note that most of the cheaper CF cards are based on MLC NAND and they are prone to fail faster than the SLC variants of the same CF card capacity.

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