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Thread: Newbie canon user finding a mentor

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    Default Re: Newbie canon user finding a mentor

    Quote Originally Posted by redmonsoon View Post
    I'll advice, before "Shoot more, Post more, Learn More..." to actually browse and SEE more..

    Read more, browse sites like flickr, see photos that are rated good, and then slowly KNOW whats generally considered good photos.

    I may not have the technical know-how to shoot like-wise good photos but at least I am learning to know and appreciate whats good without even picking up a camera.

    IMHO, too many new shooters skipped this part, shoot LOTS then ask people if they're nice..what for.
    You should be able to tell..
    agree with you.

    some people says you don't need to be a good cook(photographer) to tell whether the food(photo) is nice or not.

    but to be a good cook(photographer), you need to know what is nice food(photo) in the first place.
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    Default Re: Newbie canon user finding a mentor

    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights View Post
    Hi Melvin, you can ask DM be your mentor.

    He is very senior and experience in photography industry.
    He is very helpful to people when they are in need.
    He is a hardcore Canon user.
    Si Fu!

    Don't say liddat mah.

    I am still a student and have much to learn from you. I am not yet ready to take on my own grasshopper.

    Anyway, many things I like about Nikon but in the end, doesn't matter Canon lah Nikon lah. Camera is all just box to me. Can help me get result I use.

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    Default Re: Newbie canon user finding a mentor

    Quote Originally Posted by Rashkae View Post
    If they do, it's worth as much as toilet paper. and almost all customers will know that.
    Rashkae, please don't anyhow say my Blooks Pang Sai Chua ah!

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    Default Re: Newbie canon user finding a mentor

    Quote Originally Posted by ZerocoolAstra View Post
    Welcome to Clubsnap!

    What do you mean by mentor, exactly?
    If you just want someone to guide you along and show you how to operate your camera, and teach you the basics, look HERE for suitable group gatherings.

    If you want a mentor to learn how to be a professional photographer, then the path that Dream Merchant suggested is a good one.

    But I think you should first read about photography and experiment with your camera to familiarize yourself with it.


    Good advise!

    Read, read, read and read more. After that, read some more.

    Going out in groups can open you up to more knowledge and experience.

    Can also distract and confuse, so choose the groups carefully and try to spot the psychos early.

    Wanting a mentor may not always be for a course towards professional photo career, but is the usual route unless one has loads of moolah to blow on a full-fledged degree course at one of the three respected institutions in the US and UK.

    Seeking a mentor, short or long term can also be to step up to the next level technically, or chart a course and define or develop a vision. Or to re-define previously established ones.

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