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Thread: How do i start with shooting plan?

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    Default How do i start with shooting plan?

    hi everyone,

    I am new in photography, how do we start planning out the shoot?
    Anyone has any sample to share?

    I am doing a products shoot, so please help me out and give me advise...

    Thanks a lot.


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    Default Re: How do i start with shooting plan?

    Click here:

    rule 1: Understand lighting.

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    Default Re: How do i start with shooting plan?

    Hi CA,

    It might help to share what experience you have, your skills level and what you have already done/problems faced.

    Also, a teenie weenie little bitty smaaaaaaaaal detail like WHAT kind of product.

    Shooting jewelery is different from shooting clothes to shooting food to shooting toys to shooting cars to shooting musical instruments to .... you get the idea.

    Each entails different approaches, equipment and set-ups.

    The quality of replies you might get depends very much on the thoroughness and depth of the questions you ask.

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    i will be doing a jewelery ( no model, just pure products and decor) . it will be a outdoor shoot, around 3 to 5 pm. i have did some small projects before. but mostly on single object and abit of model shoot.

    the last shoot i did consist of a 3 places and we have to run around in a day. after the shoot i realize i have the camera shake problem as i was no carry tripod.
    so this time i really will like to plan out everything before i went so i won't be repeating the simliar kind of mistakes. but i do not know what to include in planning... so i really need some good advise

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    Well, this time round, bring a good quality stable tripod that allows you to shoot from different angles. A good head that allows you precise adjustments and stays locked solidly also helps.

    Other than that, you would really have to do a Google and Youtube search and take note of what other photographers do and that might give you an idea of what and how to prepare.

    It's difficult for use to advise as we don't know anything about your shoot other than it involves jewelery, taken during the day.

    But do a search - what's on the net is collectively much more than what we can reply here. And the photos and videos would show you immediately.

    All the best for your shoot.


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