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Thread: shooting high-speed subjects

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    Default shooting high-speed subjects

    I am wanting to try a little project shooting a fast moving subject with a slow shutter, maybe 1/10 and the strobe feature of my 540EZ to try to capture the motion and how things are transpiring at a critical instant of time. My chosen subject is a badminton shuttle **** at the moment the shuttle is being struck by the racket. Haven't done any tests, but this seems like a challenging subject to capture well, as you cannot exactly determine the position of the racket or shuttle, nor can you know exactly when the trigger needs to be fired. I would like to see how the shuttle turns around and also try to estimate the speed that the shuttle is leaving the racket, and any deformation of the strings/racket at the moment of impact... It would be quite neat to be able to photo this, but I think it might be beyond what I am able to achieve with my current knowledge and system. Anybody out there have experience trying to shoot challenging subjects like this?

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    um... how about stroboscopic?


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