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Thread: Do photo developing shops alter photos for you

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    Default Do photo developing shops alter photos for you

    I recently submitted a CD of my 3 weeks of hard work to my photo developing shop. They uses Epic prints and I must commend that the prints are brillant(not to say other brands are not good, they are good also). I was kind of disappointed that when i collected my photos, the photos turned out yucky. Many were over-exposed (am I using the right term) and washed-out. Apparently, I narrowed down the problem to 2(correct me if there are others),
    1) My monitor calibration is way off
    2) The photo shop guy altered my photos

    Can i check with you guys normally how u do calibration for your monitor(i use the adobe gamma program in control panel) and what can I do to prevent such things to happen again. Thanks a lot.

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    First thing, do you do any post-processing on your images?

    2nd thing, photo shop normally don't do much alteration unless you requested for it. They will try to print a correct exposed print for you and not unless your original images is beyond rescue.

    Or maybe you can try to print the same images at another shop to make comparision.
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    lots of stuff goes on in the lab and you dont wanna to know the wonders the lab can do to your picture. the machines have so many automatic settings that can auto correct problem pictures.

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    from what all the 'qian bei' says, looks like my monitor calibrator is way off as I have pre-edited my photos b4 I send to the lab. Anyway to calibrate my monitor so that it will be closer to the lab's colour? Thanks in advance!


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