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    Ok, seldom take food shots, but I kinda like this one of the prawn sushi. Maybe this will spark a new interest.

    I know the first and third prawns are out of focus cos aperture was f1.9 in the dim lit restaurant.

    PS: Somehow colors turn out different when being resized for web. Is this normal?

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    si bei sharp leh..
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    Moby, cannot complain liao...!
    The top two shrimps are tact sharp. And I feel that the colours are natural. The bottom one is understandably OOF for an effect of differetial focusing. I enjoy this photo.
    Eh, please do not mind me expressing my feelings here: I kept asking myself.. if the shrimp at the bottom was also sharply in focus, would it not complete the picture? Of course, the rest of the plate and the background can still be OOF.
    Just my humble thoughts. Sharing only.

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    is a nicely taken photo.

    if only the 3rd shrimp meat can be like the 2nd shrimp or better if all 3 shrimps have the same texture and color will be best.
    Its a SONY. Snap snap.

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    yummy, would have prefered it slightly wider, but nice nevertheless.

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    Thank you all for kind comments. Yes, I agree with Limwhow and the rest that it would be best if all 3 shrimps were in focus. My bad for setting it at f1.9.

    When I reviewed the picture at home then I realised too shallow liao. Ha Ha!!

    But nevermind lah, excuse to go makan again.

    Actually a bit oversharpened for this picture cos when I posted a resized version, the colors were desaturated and the mild sharpening turned out blur. So prior to resize, I pumped up the saturation and sharpening just for the purpose to resize to web size in hope that it would turn out "normal" again.

    Is it sRGB files when resized in photoshop will change color? Must go do research.
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