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Thread: Raynox DRC-250 or Nikon Uniplus Tube (25mm)

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    Default Raynox DRC-250 or Nikon Uniplus Tube (25mm)

    Hi guys!

    I'm pretty new to photography (slightly less than a month) and one main reason why i do so, its because i've always liked macrophotography.

    Okay, so here's the thing. Because i'm still schooling, i've not enough budget to get a dedicated macro lens. So I really wanted to try out and have this two options.

    -Raynox Super Macro Conversion lens
    -Nikon Uniplus Tube (25mm)

    I've only done a minor research on both the items. And i think the key difference is that the IQ of picture will be affected if the Raynox lens is used, whereas a loss in f-stop will be faced if the tubes are used.

    I've actually bought the extension tubes already, but as im still using the 18-105mm kit lens, i'm not sure which of the above two will give me a closer feel to macrophotography.
    Should i get both? Or just use the tube or the Raynox lens?
    Would like to seek help on this.

    Many thanks!

    Erm, this is a newbie i took with my kit lens and the extension tube.

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    Default Re: Raynox DRC-250 or Nikon Uniplus Tube (25mm)

    Hey Vynn, there's no "closer feel" to macrophotography - Either it is a macro or not.

    Good job on doing the research all by yourself. Go get the raynox first and see if you'll like it - there's more to macro than just lens. Visit the library and there are books dedicated to macros.

    Good luck.
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