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    Exclamation Bad seller alert - kingofthemonster

    Hi all, please be careful when dealing with this guy.

    Nick: kingofthemonster
    name: sj
    Phone: 97425306

    Contacted him about the Sony a100 that he posted here last week, and he confirm that it is still available. Few days later, he msg me to propose a quick deal at his price, and i agreed. However, he said he has reservist the whole week, and i agreed to wait for him. So, last week, he asked if i could meet him at Little India, his working location, he set the time and venue and I agreed also.

    In the meanwhile, thinking it is a close deal, I went to get a flash hotshoe adapter to fit my minolta flash, and he even agreed to give me a 10 bucks off. I thought: "what a nice guy"

    So this guy turn into an nightmare today. I msged him in the morning to confirm the meeting time but he replied that he is NOT SELLING ANYMORE! And worst, he keep saying he has a change of plan suddenly, THEN WHY POST THE FREAKING CAM HERE? TEST MARKET?

    He wasted my time and energy as I could have settled for other alternative last week, and now i'm camera-less for my holiday trip tomorrow, with a useless hotshoe adapter! waste money also. damn ...

    So new guys out there, becareful of bad sellers.

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    Do u need to create 2 similar thread to alert ppl??


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