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Thread: Best practices - Lens changing

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    Quote Originally Posted by indaybadiday View Post
    it will be a good practice while doing this,camera must face down to avoid dust getting thru the opening
    Dust is flying nicely and a bit of wind will do the rest. Haven't had much dust on my sensor without the 'facing down practice'. But pointing down can help preventing other things dropping into the cam. Bird shooters will know

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    Default Re: Best practices - Lens changing

    i dont sling my camera so i always have to keep 1 hand on the camera while changing lens.

    what i do it:

    1. take out the new lens and put it down with the rear lens cap removed or loosen
    2. switch off camera and put back front lens cap on current lens
    3. hold camera and press release button with fingers while removing lens
    4. unfold fingers and cover lens mount while putting the current lens down
    5. pick up new lens and mount it in
    6. put rear lens cap back on previous lens
    7. switch on camera and take out lens cap.
    8. pack previous lens in bag

    u can leave out the part of putting back and taking out the front lens cap if you need to change your lenses fast. with a uv filter in front, it will protect the lens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limwhow View Post
    After reading all the posts, somehow I get the feeling that I am quite bo chap.
    Firstly, I almost never turn off my camera before changing lenses.
    Secondly, I do find myself changing lenses, even before I mount a pony, in the midst of a sandy plain. I just face the lens mount of my camera body flat against my body, then when ready, i will quick plug the lens in.
    Sometimes I think I am asking for trouble.
    But I guess time may change things, for a young man like me...hopefully.
    almost the same way as how i change my lenses...
    "camcount" freeze, till Dec 2011

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    Default Re: Best practices - Lens changing

    ideal practise and actual practise differ lah bros...

    i know need to protect this n tat, but not easy if i am on the field and no spare hands to hold stuffs...
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    Default Re: Best practices - Lens changing

    There's a few ways to do it apart from the ones already mentioned here are some:

    These works if you have big hands or/and smaller lenses:

    This is another way by supergluing 2 rear lens cap together:
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