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    I saw an eximus lomo camera online. It is called white slim angel. Can I get it in singapore? if yes what is the price?


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    You can check it out at the new shop called ThirtySix at Sunshine Plaze. Ermmm 1st floor i think unit 32.

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    thank you

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    check it out in page one vivo city...
    Why so serious... Son?

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    Triple D at bencoolen also sells it...

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    Or you can order it from Khloee's Multiple X Choice. I think her price is the lowest... it's around 50 dollars...

    I'm not affiliated with her hor... can get from The Blogshop at Haji Lane but i think it's a little more ex than ordering direct from her. :P

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    I would support ThirtySix, if I were you

    Firstly, it is a physical shop so you can see and hold the cams before you purchase them.

    Very good service- the owner is very patient and detailed in explaining the different functions of the different cams. He is what I call a Veteran Lomograher. I love to deal with people who have the passion for lomography, not those who are only in it for the money...

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