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Thread: Nikon Super Coolscan!!!

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    Dear wise men & wise ladies of CS,
    I would like to invest in a medium format film camera (most likely Mamiya) & also Nikon Coolscan 8000ED. Problem is Coolscan isn't cheap !! So my question is :

    1) Is there anybody providing scanning service by using Nikon Coolscan 8000ED or even 9000ED?
    2) If yes is it expensive?
    3) I heard some say that it's more expensive by investing in Coolscan bcoz of power consumption, medium format film development costs, etc.

    I really love medium format film. I'm nt a hard nut to crack, i'm using 5D. So those who really know slide film well would understand what i mean. I'm getting worried tht Nikon will TOTALLY stop producing Coolscan for good, then i'm DOOM. I remember a CSer bought the last piece of Coolscan 5000 in jealous,but then i need medium format scanning so 5000ED is out. Please give me some opinion...


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    Hi, How about Epson v700 or v750 Photo Scanner? It is much cheaper than Nikon CoolScan.

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    hello phototime,
    Epson is always in my mind but nothing can beat Coolscan u see, the only thing i worry now is when Nikon is going to stop supporting service to this product then i'll be damn...


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