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    Hi, I have taken 2 shots and would like some feedbacks that could improve my shots.

    in my accessories closet. with dangling earrings and beads bangle. I was trying to capture the colorful beads. did I do fine? well, from my point is that I didn't capture the whole bangle. I tried to get the focus but couldn't get it even after I set the AF-points. what can I do to get the focus of the whole bangle?

    my focus is actually at the pineapple. do you think there's an exposure setting which I could adjust to improve the lightings?

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    Your DOF is too shallow.. try adjusting the aperture, hope that helps!
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    before moving on to the exposure problem, i think you should work more on your composition. Pic 1 it consists of both messy foreground and background. Distracts the viewer a lot. Pic #2, try taking a step back, capture the entire dish in the frame. There after, if you have an external flash unit, use it. =)
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