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    I need help with shooting photographs at night. As I do not like to use flash to take night snapshots, most of my night shots are all very dark. Often, I would end up using sepia or black and white to shoot. I badly need guidance on shooting photographs at night. Currently, I am using a Canon SX10 IS.
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    Use a tripod, up your ISO, use longer shutter speeds and wider apertures. If noise is an issue, then you would have to find ways around it.

    Do bear in mind ... it's hard to lighten up an area if there is no or too little light and any the above will not alter light ratios and values.

    All the best.

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    Aactually, if I don't remember wrongly, SX10 IS being a prosumer camera, can be quite noise when we increase its ISO to 800 or more...

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    I always carry a tripod with me because my hands are always shaky...but the tripod often disables a number of possible angles...hence the trouble of mounting on and then off.

    I've seen people taking photos using their SX10 IS at night and it's so well done...unlike mine...

    Thanks anyways (:

    I second that.That's why I always try my best not to increase the ISO over the 200 mark.
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    Sorry to tell you this, but unless you want to put your camera on random stable surfaces, a tripod is the only way. Either that or you try to minimise handshake

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    Well, lots of ways around that.

    Use a bean bag, dry sand bag, gorrillapod, clamps, even a generous amount of blutack! You know the small cheapo mini tripods that is usually given away as a freebie? That works very well if you don't need much adjustments, and if you blutack the thing down to a surface.

    I once blutacked a small camera on top of the skinny part of a glass pane and shot a video that was more than 20 mins long with no camera movement. You'll be surprised how well a little bit of innovation works and since your camera is fairly light, it should be no problem.

    Oh, try to use the self timer if your camera can't take some kind of remote release. Sometimes just the act of tripping the shutter induces movement.

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    Thank you all for your ideas....It's great and really heartwarming for you all to help me =)
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