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Thread: Shadow protection and Exposure

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    Default Shadow protection and Exposure

    I shoot in A mode.

    During PP, I find that I always need to make shadow protection adjustment on my pics to bring out shadow details. Is this an indication that my camera metering always give me underexposed settings?

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    No, it means you are metering for the highlights. I suggest reading up more on dynamic range and dynamic range optimization.

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    Default Re: Shadow protection and Exposure

    If you always always have photos that you want to bring out shadow details, then maybe you could set your camera to +1 or +2, or even up to +3 EV compensation. But doing that will blow your highlights away most of the time, depending on the scene.

    Agree with Rashkae that it'll be good to know why this is so, and that would be from reading about dynamic range.
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