A Photography Exhibition by Rachna Anand and Teo Chee Sern, with a special introduction by Tay Kay Chin.

Dates: Jan 14 to Feb 4, 2004
Times: 11am to 7pm daily (except Sundays)
Venue: Objectifs, 12A Liang Seah Street

Low Life | Teo Chee Sern | Low Life was born out of my curiosity about space in land-scarced Singapore. It used to be just the underground passes. Then the MRT. Then the basement 1,2,3 and so on of the shopping arcades. Now we have the Link Mall. Reclaimation as gone as far as it can. Has the underground become part of Singaporeans' daily life? I went to find out ...

Night Shift | Rachna Anand | Being a married woman, I usually only have time for my photography at night, after I have done my job as a wife and mom. I have tried to capture the night as I see it as a woman venturing out alone in the late hours. This is my Night Shift.

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. Digital Filmmaking I: Introduction to the Filmmaking Journey
. Home Videos: Digital Videos Made Easy
. The Language of Film: A Walk with Oscar
. Scriptwriting I: Script to Screen
. Scriptwriting II: Developing the Storyline

. Digital Photography I: The Digital Point and Shoot
. Photoshop for Photographers I: Getting to the Creative Zone
. Scan to Print: The Digital Darkroom
. Studio Photography I: Introduction to Studio Portraiture

For more information on the courses, please visit our web site at www.objectifs.com.sg.

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