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Thread: advice on pouch

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    Default advice on pouch

    i m thinking of buying thinktank pouch for my DSLR , wonder anione using the pouch

    D200 with extra battery pack
    70 -200 sigma f2.8
    18-70 nikon
    quatunm battery pack

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    Pouch? Can you be more specific? Anyways, ThinkTank is just about the bese brand available for beltpacks, modulous belts, and backpacks IMHO.
    You really can't go wrong with any of them

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    Don't have much experience with others pouches as I'm a newbie. Currently using a Digital Holster 20, Skin 50 and a Skin Strobe with a Pro Speed Belt.

    I use this system mainly when shooting street photography in Singapore. Don't really like sling bag and stuff like that. I think it's great for wedding photography as well. The Digital Holster is great for changing lens. Just unmount your lens, stuff it in the holster, pull another one out from the Skin 50 and mount it. My Digital Holster 20 will fit a 70-200 2.8 IS USM, unmounted or otherwise.

    Overseas, I use the Shape Shifter backpack with the Pro Speed Belt and Skin 50 without the Digital Holster. I have a 18-200 so I won't be changing lens as much.

    I guess the main advantages of Think Tank modular system are the option of "purchase as you need" and the ergonomic design. The undesirable aspect of it is probably the price, though I'm sure that there are even pricer options out there.

    There are probably tons of review out on the web which you can browse. I read through most of it before deciding on buying the pouches.

    Happy BBB!
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    When just walking around, sometimes I will use a think tank pro speed belt and one or two skin chimp cages. If your camera has a battery grip, I don't think it would fit into the skin chimp cage.

    Do wish the pro speed belt was a bit wider to distribute the weight a bit more.

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    Default Re: advice on pouch

    Are you talking about getting one beltpack for everything, or separate pouches for everything you listed? Please be specific; we do not have the power to read minds.


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