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Thread: Payment from Client

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    some of my contract stated that the copyright belows to the photographer at any time throughout the world

    maybe i have nice client? or maybe my client doesnt bother
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    Call wan bao and xin ming.. tell them ur problem.
    Im not a "free lunch" photographer

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    If I was in your position I would have considered the following (do not pressume this to be legal / business or any other form of advice, like others have said, you may have to consult a legal person - which I am not):

    For me, a better way would be to take stock and thus create a stable and fixed position for myself (since at the moment you have nothing documented). Send an email containing dates and events of what has occurred.

    - When you were engaged
    - What was the agreement
    - When you shoot the photos
    - When you delivered the photos
    - When you visited his house, when you sms him with as much detail as possible so as to clear that you were simply trying to collect unpaid money and not harassing in any way (assuming of course that's what happened).

    State your claim, that you would like to be paid for the rest of the job, how much etc etc.


    - Nothing happens, at least you have documented what has happened (and nothing can bite you later) and its for him to dispute it.
    - You get a reply, at least you will be able to evaluate your options
    - You get paid

    LEARN from the experience, we are all learning, often we all forget to push clients to sign etc (especially people that we know) and end up in similar situations, so worry not, come up with a draft contract, use it, revise it as you go along.

    -- Marios

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    as a freelancing photographer or even a registered professional photographer, there are no rules or regulation about what should be the minimum or maximum on the charges or the way of charges.

    as someone mention it in another post, next to nothing is also something.

    all in all , this sort of scenario are/will never be taught in any photoshop manual or any colleges or instituition.

    it had to be experienced and learned.

    just like a traffic accident, you never know when, why or how until you experienced it.
    but then you can prevent it by being careful and observant.

    its all about tactic, like when i go for an interview, after going thro my works, and if/when the client/interviewer start telling me about how B or C photographer charge, then I will politely pack my portfolio and say thank you for his/her time and that I shall consider about it, and leave. The indication is that... there is hand stretching over to strangle by my neck for me to succumb.

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    when you pack and leave, show that you are in the upper hand, take it or leave it, but if when you stay around and say, maybe I can give the same pricing, then then grab on your neck will tighten eventually...

    how does it tighten ? many ways...

    either delay your payment,

    find fault on your pictures when you deliver the works, actually trying to cut your price further,

    or...stack your invoices, ( a common practice/tactic often used in the publication/graphic/design sector )... pay your 1st invoice while you submit your 4th. and after much pushing and reminders.

    there is a book call...1001 ways of how not to pay your supplier.

    inside, there is one or two that can make you really LOL, like... my boss injured his finger, for sometime he cannot sign cheque, another... my boss is on maternity leave will be back four months later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eugene_ View Post
    Thanks all for ur advices. .i guess i have learned how not to be too trusting.

    Anyw, I am 100% sure i have in no way harass them. I even had a talk to the client's brother and explained the situation to him. He even gave me his namecard and ask me to call him if i still cant get the $$. I talk in a firm tone, but not at all intimidating, abusive or coarse. I jus cant understand how he can accuse me of harassing.

    I have decided that my pride is worth much more than the amt owned and decide to just move on. JUst treat it as a lesson learn and draw up any necessary contracts for future jobs.

    Thanks all who spoke and adviced. Appreciate.
    Dude this is where you are wrong.

    If you are very sure about fact that u did not harass at all. Do not apologise. Send the client a written letter by AR registered, asking for the balance. Sms and email the bugger too. Hopefully you will get a I will not pay reply, then call the brother and see if he will honor his offer to you.

    You did the job, collecting the money is part of the game. The money is not the important part the principle of collecting it is. It is a biz work it like one.

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