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Thread: Anyone used this wide angle macro lens?

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    Default Anyone used this wide angle macro lens?

    Scouring ebay.
    chanced upon this kind of lens that i assume can be screwed on directly to your own lens and give it wide angle and macro ability.
    i assume this kind of lens adapter cannot compare to an actual wide angle or macro lens, but this is a cheap alternative.
    can anyone tell me more about such lenses?
    they come as separate pieces or one single piece?
    can i really use my own kit lens as a macro and wide angle with this lens adapter?

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    Default Re: Anyone used this wide angle macro lens?

    Search the forum for Vitacon - chances are good that this is quite similar. Also, there was a thread comparing such lenses, maybe search for 'wide angle converter' .. from what I know, most of these items are rather famous for lowering image quality. If you like to get a macro lens then better check for Raynox and cheap start. For wide angle there's nothing better than a dedicated wide angle lens.

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    Default Re: Anyone used this wide angle macro lens?

    Basically the same question as this:

    Check it out! =)
    incywincyspider climbup the waterspout...


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