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Thread: some songs that inspire the mood to capture images

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    Lightbulb some songs that inspire the mood to capture images

    some songs that inspire me to shoot like no tomorrow:

    1. <sono speedo de> (jp dorama "overtime" OST main theme). seeing takashi sorimachi as soichiro weilding the F5 inthe tv series as a photojournalist then going to shoot what he always wanted to shoot...made me wow in awe. it was this that gave me the final push to buy my first slr. this song never fails to bring back the mood

    2. also from "overtime" OST : <i believe> yuko yamaguchi, <no decorations> U.A, <main theme> U.A.

    3. from jp dorama "long vacation": <lalala love song> kubota toshinobu, <deeper n deeper> + <sobani iteyo> + <silent emotion>, CAGNET. essentially most of the 4 CD OSTbundle. the best times when i shot with nikons.

    4. from jp dorama "love generation" : <kiss of life> ken hirai.

    5.from jp dorama " usokoi" <separate ways> faye wong. happiest times ever! it was when i started using canons. especially the 28-70L. blissful memories flow back...

    6. ELT: <future world>, <pray> , <dear my friend> ,<graceful world> . rather melancholic times. that was when i switched from nikon to canons

    7. SMAP: the 7th song from their album <smap drink smap>. i only chop up the mp3 from the entire album...didnt check their discography

    8. chage and aska: <something there>. all time best...

    9. ayumi hamasaki: <boys and girls>, <fly high>.

    10. Dream: <solve>, <our time>, <acces to love>

    11. from jp dorama "love complex" OST: <free> takashi sorimachi. very cool song

    12. Eriko imai : <love is magic>

    and lots more...

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    aiya 4got to add:

    13. from jp dorama <beauty and/or beast> OST : <ginga to meiro> tokyo ska paradise. supposedly fukuyama masahara sang this song himself. very punchy, jazzy mood! feels like wandering around some US/europe/jp city and shooting street shots.


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