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    Hi y'all I'm new to photography and to this forum! This place is cool, helps me see others' work and learn stuff! Please check out my photos and C&C are welcome!

    #1. I'm a little teapot.

    #2. Frozen in time.

    #3. Size doesn't matter, quantity does.

    #4. Alcohol, the dark side.

    #5. Colourful Asia.

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    more pics!

    #6. Budding Flowers.

    #7. The calm before the storm.

    #8. Cracked in peace.

    #9. I'm a little colourful teapot.

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    For the one of the tea pot, i think you should increase the aperture to accommodate the entire teapot, leaving the background for you to play depth of field with.

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    I like #8 - the peaceful expression on the boy's face contrasts strongly against the state of brokenness of the mug. Would be better if you exaggerated the brokenness - such as showing the shards/broken pieces scattered around the mug..

    Reflection is a bit distracting in #2.

    Agree with above that having more of the teapot in focus would improve the teapot shots.

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    thanks for the comments!

    #7. Dead rose.

    #8. Rainwater on leaves.

    #9. Orchids.

    #10. Windchimes

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    Agreed with wkteoh - i think #8 (cracked in peace) is a good idea but i wonder if something could have been done to bring out the contrast a little more. I'm wondering if the photo would have more impact in B&W? Also, I think that many of the shots from the 2nd set would have benefited from a bigger DOF. In particular, for the orchids shot, only the tips of a few petals are in focus. That being said though, i love the bokeh in your shots. What lens are you using?

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    thanks for the comments! i'm using the nikon 55-200mm for most of the closeup shots. #1-3,8-9 are taken using the 50mm f/1.8d prime lens.

    so next time i'll try experimenting more with bringing out the subject into a clearer manner. thanks!

    composing a good photo is hard ):

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    #11. Music is all about the tone.





    guitar playing is my other hobby! C&C pls!

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    #17. Flickr wont allow me to upload anymore photos for the month, so have to use the low res facebook one.



    that's all!


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