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    Default Fridge!! what area is critique to be sought?

    I will like feedback on the composition and color combination i will do some post to the pictures and was wondering if it is too over?

    2.what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    I want viewers to feel the importance of the fridge and how do we often "approach" it in the middle of the night while we are rushing our work to fill our stomach!!

    3.under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    I took this picture sitting in the fridge with a D80!! it was around mid morning when this picture was taken!

    4.what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture

    I hope that i am able to convey the message of the importance of the fridge and also how can i further improve on this picture


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    Default Re: Fridge!!

    1. Colour wise I personally do not find it too over. I can stand colours shouting at me.

    2. Sorry. Importance of a fridge do not come across to me in this picture. Maybe picture of melted ice cream or food gone bad(rotten meat, vege) in a spoilt and old fridge may give me to idea that fridge is important. Food will be spoilt easily without the fridge.

    3. Not sure how I can advise on this part.

    4. I suggest retaking the picture with something planned in your mind first. Take the picture in your head before trying it out. Imagine how you want the picture to look like. Colour, B&W, Sepia? Where should the light come from? Light is diffused or harsh? High or low contrast picture? I am still trying to do that. Can't stop to urge to pick up the camera and just go shutter happy myself.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

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    Default Re: Fridge!!

    sorry... there doesn't seem to be a focal point of any sort here.
    why did u take it this way? i.e. why part of the door and maybe not the fridge itself or other parts?
    sounds to mi that u didn't really have anything in mind when u shot it. u need to think of a story to tell when u shoot something. try to think of a story first?

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    Default Re: Fridge!!

    Yup i am new to photgraphy and i tink i have to tink how the picture is going to protray a meaning or a story..Thanks guys i had learnt something from it.. will try to improve.

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    Default Re: Fridge!!

    I didn't get anything about the importance of the fridge or anything, but I did get a nostalgic snapshot of life, what with the mellow yellow and the slightly soft-edged eggs and especially the blue background. I like the picture for itself, but not the story~

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    Default Re: Fridge!!

    Where is the focus point? Is the picture a deliberate blur?

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    Default Re: Fridge!!

    I like the bluish hue at the back. However, my focus seems to be drawn to the yellow container, so it doesn't occur to me immediately that the picture is about a fridge. I'm thinking "What's in it? Mayonnaise? Coleslaw?"

    also, I'm not feeling the "approaching the fridge in the middle of the night" thing you intended. Where's the night?

    Just an idea, how about a picture of a kitchen (almost pitch dark) with the only source of light from the open fridge, with a silhouette of a man in front of it?

    Just my noobie C&Cs. I'm just starting out too. =)

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    Default Re: Fridge!!

    My interpretation:


    1. It's a fridge by first look

    2. Unique perspective

    3. No focus.. eggs on top or yellow box?

    4. This image is more of like "importance of stocking food inside fridge" instead of "fridge".


    1. Like the bright yellow colour ... and it did not dull the rest

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    Default Re: Fridge!!

    1. how is the importance of the fridge conveyed by:

    a) a bunch of orange looking eggs
    b) unidentified yellow containers


    2) the photograph looks like you simply decided to open your fridge, and play with your camera.


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