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Thread: Best of 2003 ::: Landscape, Cityscape, Travel and Architectural #3

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    Lightbulb Best of 2003 ::: Landscape, Cityscape, Travel and Architectural #3

    How time flies and here we are at the end of 2003 already. To commemorate the year in passing and to give ourselves a gauge of how we have progressed photographically, we are requesting for members to post their 3 Best Landscape, Cityscape, Travel and Architectural images here in this thread.

    The Rules and Guidelines are very simple:-
    1. Each member can post up to 3 images per photo category
    2. No Critique or Comment will be allowed and will be deleted without notice.
    3. Posting size should be less than 700 pixels at maximum width
    4. Include a Title and Description for your images. Additional EXIF data is optional.
    5. Images must be taken between January 1st and December 31st, 2003.
    6. Original image (cropped or uncropped) should be made available in printable size (at least 1800 x 1200 pixels; around 2 Megapixels) for future printing purposes if requested/required (optional guideline).

    The main purpose of this exercise is to showcase the best of our members images and we will compile all suitable images for an online gallery, and also in preparation for possible print usage in future (eg. calendar, coffee table book, poster, etc.) Of course, if we do go into print, all image copyrights will remain with the owner, and we will give the appropriate credits and acknowledgements.

    As each member is only allowed to submit 3 images per photo category, please be ultra-critical of your own work and submit those images that you think best represents your crowning achievements in your 2003 photographic history.

    Submission ends on 31st January 2004. Start the ball rolling and posts those images.

    Creating a new thread as the number of submissions in the previous thread was making it slow to load.

    Update/Reminder: Please ensure your images are less than 700 pixels at its widest and less than 100-120KB in size.

    Another update! Photoi magazine will be featuring a selection of images from ClubSNAP's Best of 2003 series in their March 2004, thus this is your chance to get published.

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    Lake Wanaka

    Walter Peak

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    Photos from Taiwan

    Sunlight through the clouds
    This was taken on the bus, along the way to Ah Li Shan.

    Temple at Ali Shan
    The hotel opposite this temple is the only surviving hotel in Ah Li Shan after the big earthquake in 1999.

    A lake at Ah Li Shan
    Located high up on Ali Shan, this place is also very cold.
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    Haven't got much time for photo shooting in the whole of 2003 because of NS commitment, so on 20 December 2003, i decided to get on a plane and tour Melbourne. There's where i know for sure that i've compiled some of my best photos of the year. Thus i've decided to post some of them here.

    Coast to Coast

    We don't yell to sell!

    Is Melbourne a clean city? You decide!

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    Default Travel Pics

    Clothes Hanging Out to Dry - taken in Copan, Honduras.

    Meandering Streams in Fall, taken along Blue Ridge Parkway, USA

    Dance of the Old Women - one had to be more than 50 years of age in order to join this select group of fiesty old women for their dance. The dance was about a young girl who took on the form of a bird and flew around the village listening to the rumours being spread behind her back. Taken in the Garifuna village of Triunfo de la Cruz, Honduras.


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    Default Some of my photos

    On my way home in a sunset

    Sunset through a window
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    Istana Park

    You short little...

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    City Lights


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    Desaru Beach, Malaysia

    First World Hotel, Genting, Malaysia

    Chinatown, Singapore
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    Night Lights

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    The Gap, taken at Albany, West Australia

    Plaza Singapura... in InfraRed

    Ray Of Light

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    Chinatown by Night

    Railway Station

    Dusk at Neighbourhood
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    Default Street of Old

    The centuries-old town of Vigan, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines
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    Default A Monk and His Vacuum Cleaner

    Housecleaning at Wat Arun, Bangkok

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    Default Floating Hawker

    Floating hawker at the Khlong Bangkok Noi

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    Colours of Tschierv, Switzerland

    Little castle. Salzburg, Austria

    Autumn in Tschierv, Switzerland
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    bidadari christian cemetery

    look on top

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    Sunset at the Broadwalk

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    Boat tours, Marina Bay.
    Evening shot of the Esplanade, as a boat speeds past.

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    Lights on Sydney Opera House

    Castle in Syney Botanic Gardens

    Temple in Lijiang
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