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Thread: CPF Life (2013)

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    Wats ur opinion? Good or bad?

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    it is good for ill disciplined people who throw their CPF money left and right and lose it all in a short time. vultures await asking them to "invest" in business, to marry 2nd or 3rd wife in Batam and buy a house in her name in Indonesia, etc.....
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    It's not good... there is no adjustments for inflation. The amount you get back will be worth much less, so the intent is pointless if inflation is not taken into account.

    CPF is my money and I should get it back in full when I retire, like insurance plan I buy at the end of maturity I should be able to surrender the policy and get back my FULL investment. Making these changes and telling us it is for our good does not go well with me, I am not stupid and I want to manage my own money myself, not leaving some party to legislate this and that.

    I hope this could be brought during "selectioning". I don't like this idea degressing from the original plan that we get at turning 55 and withholding back what is due to me.


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    there are always changes every few years... extension of withdrawal lah, minimum 80K the time i retired, i think nobody can take any money out of their CPF...

    CPF is probably the biggest bank in SIN with the most capital... money stays with them is better than giving u all the money and spend away...

    anyway on a serious note... if giving 1 lump sum, some will probably waste the money away, some will kena pressure by their children to "start a business" while many will use it wisely and pass down the money when they are not around anymore...

    imo i would prefer to be given 1 lump sum when i retired... its my money anyway... why let the garment use it to generate revenue for themselves...
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