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    Question Lens cleaning

    I have always been using "Olympus Lens cleaning tissues". However I often find that it is rather abrasive and wonder if it is really appropriate for cleaning camera lenses.
    Therefore, I would like advices on:

    - what is the recommended lens cleaning kit that is economical in price?
    - where to get them?
    - do you clean/wipe your lens in circular or side-to-side motion?

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    suggest mount the UV filter ~4ever~ and clean only the filter

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    Get a micro-fiber cleaning cloth made to clean glass at those optical (read: spectacle) shops. Usually costs $2-3 per pc so it's really a small and good investment. They are lint-free, so they don't leave any residue on the glass.

    Get a bottle of lens cleaner for oil/grease stains. Helps remove the fingerprints and stains on your filters/lens.

    For me I clean my lenses in a circular-spiral motion, starting from the inside. This kinda pushes the stains to the circumference of the lens, which can be cleaned off with the cleaning cloth.

    And, as clive has mentioned, invest in a UV/Skylight filter and leave it on permanently on your lens. Even if it's scratched, it's only the filter and not the lens element itself.
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    Get a lens pen. $10+ from CP only...
    it has a small reservoir to hold the liquid.


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