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    Dear all,

    I am kinda new in photography and would like to seek advise from some of you with professional opinion..

    I would like to purchase a Flash for my camera (A200), and had a terrible time seeking for a right one.. recently saw a guy selling Minolta 3500xi which price range is so much lower than Sony ones.. What is the differences and would it be of a great difference in picture quality?

    Please enlighten !

    Jouin ~#

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    Best to ask in the Sony section.

    The 3500 is for the old film days. You won't get the same level of accurate metering, etc etc etc. I suggest investing in a FL36 or FL42. Ask MS Color if they have a good deal for you. It's worth investing in the newer flashes.

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    Alritey.. Thanks for advising.. also i will post again to seek for further information.. Cheers..

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjouin View Post
    Alritey.. Thanks for advising.. also i will post again to seek for further information.. Cheers..
    It is not a good idea to post the same thread again and again in different subforums. It is against the rules u know...

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    haha.. yeah.. juz notice.. removed the "repost" alr..

    Anyway, people.. would 3rd party flash recommandable?

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    Me using A200 wif FL42 work well for me

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    One more thing from my 2 cents. Flash bulb got limit one. Its similar to yr fluorescent tube lights in your home. After a way, the bulb blows, or rather the lifespan gets shorter. So unlike lens, I wouldn't really advise getting an old 2nd hand one....

    Unless u are really lucky and the owner really hardly use their flash. In that case, its worth it bah...

    (Psst...when meeting them, ask them wat they do for their jobs and if they freelance at all.... )


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