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Thread: Bangkok Digital Photography Seminar

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    Default Bangkok Digital Photography Seminar

    A friend of mine just sent me an email about an upcoming photography seminar with 3 National Geographic photographers. The seminar's from 19 22 November, and it's gonna be held in Bangkok.

    It sounds pretty cool... think I might check it out.

    Just thought I'd share the info with you guys:

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    Default Re: Bangkok Digital Photography Seminar

    Hi to All Brader ,
    Why pay to three Ang Mo photgraphers where you can do your own photography skills by yourself.
    Remember that photography is an Art of Composition by Individual that tell a Story in the Photo but not listening to those who had their own style.
    If you guys all already know the Basic Techniques and handling of your camera then its up to your goodself discover your own talent.
    Tips of the day to everyone "The more Photos you take every day ,the more you expose to the photographs you take thats where you know what you are good at but not even the Best Photographer in the world can teach you."
    I have been taking Photographs for the last 37 years as a amateur and have travel 3/4 of the Globe .
    I have never leave my camera even when I am out for a cup of Kopi-o since the days I have taking photos .

    Happy Days and enjoy more photogrphy everyday ,anywhere and anytime .
    Photography is fun and relaxed .

    With a fine touch in Arts and Crafts
    Paris,Japan and Hongkong

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    Default Re: Bangkok Digital Photography Seminar

    I think TS was just telling us of the event to be held in Bangkok. Its up to any individual whether of not to attend.

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    Default Re: Bangkok Digital Photography Seminar

    Kris LeBoutillier here, director of F8workshops. We still have a few slots left for the workshop. Small class size, reasonable price and great subjects in Bangkok to take pictures of. Will be a great event. Mike Yamashita, David Alan Harvey and Ira Block. Between them more than 100 years of experience in taking picures around the world.

    November 19th-22nd. Price includes room nights at a 5 star hotel: Millennium Grand Sukumvit.

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    Default Re: Bangkok Digital Photography Seminar

    Thanks for the tip. It's much appreciated.

    Agree with roDz.


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