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    my grandma's set of precious brushes.

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    Mmm.. nothing seems to be in focus.

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    Kinda agree... all i see is a few low-contrast brush handles... if you choose to have such a thin depth of field, it might be better to have something eyecatching or impt about the brushes in focus. Either that, or photograph the brushes flat-on so that everything will be in focus... Just MHO

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    thanks for the C&C guys. maybe i could have focused more on the chinese letters on the middle brush?

    still trying to figure how to use the sharpen tool on CS4 as well.

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    I think the caps of the brushes to be off...
    If the caps are on, they look just like normal sticks~
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    Try shooting at different angles. And as others have pointed out, the wide open aperture is not focusing on somewhere that the eyes focus on.


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