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    Hi, I am a newbie in shooting...
    I just bought a Fuji S9600 (prosumer camera)
    Just asking if anyone have a photo outing/gathering in any of the Sundays?
    So i can learn more skills from better and experience peoples
    *Only available on Sunday as i am busy on Mon - Sat...

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    If you are keen in Nature, you may Join me. But i'm not a pro yet. But still can teach you basic stuff.

    Can Pm me if you are keen.

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    im keen to go for newbie shoots. had my cam for some time but i feel im always under-utilising it. would love to go on shoots and learn from pros.

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    Hi guys,

    Good to know that you guys are so keen in forming up a group for shoot-out.

    I am working on shifts, but would love to join if there is any, though I work on weekends as well.

    Will you guys be available on weekdays at times?

    Let me know the planning in advance then I shall see if I can join in.
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