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Thread: A tissue packet too far

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    Quote Originally Posted by drakon09 View Post

    ... can't people do lunch on staggered timings?
    Company not flexible?

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    I think the incident is just a manifestation of a deeper social problem. To these people being ungraceful is not something that they are ashamed about. This has to do with value system. Upbringing has a lot to do with a person's value system.

    Singapore is a very competitive society, as a side effect in bringing up and educating a child, values like diligence, shrewdness, ruthlessness which is embodied in the word "kiasu" takes precedent over many of the values that is detrimental to the process of natural selection. In this case, it's courteousness, symphathy, kindness and forgiveness. As a result people think only how to advance their own goal, convenience, right or whatever you want to call it, humanity is all Greek.

    This tissue phenomena is just one of the manifestation, other social phenomenons like going after seats in public transport rugby style, not flushing in public toilet, crucifying drivers who move one second late after traffic turned green and etc all stems from the same root IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheryl852 View Post
    lol. i take out my handphone and wallet, which are my only valuables i bring out.
    anyway i dont see a reason why they will wanna steal my bag..
    tissue papers too small already, we can feign ignorance.
    bag, unless you're damn par jiao then cannot see what.

    so lesson of the day,
    if u wanna chope a table, leave something VERY prominent/visible/huge there.

    later ppl say:"wah! last time free tissue, then newspaper and now got bag free! economy is picking up fast!!"

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