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Thread: 9th - 16th November : Japan Autumn Photography trip

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    Default 9th - 16th November : Japan Autumn Photography trip

    Hi all,

    I will be going Japan this November for 1 week. Still yet to confirm itinerary as this was last minute decision as i just got to know some of my work will be exhibited at the International Environment Photographers Association (IEPA) Exhibition at Sado Island, Japan.

    See larger version here :

    I will probably only be there (Sado Island) for a day trip... so the other 51/2 days can devote to photography. You don't have to follow me there ( Sado Island ).

    Most probably taking late night flight on the 9th Nov ( Mon) and reaching the next day at Tokyo..
    and coming back Singapore on 16th Nov (Mon, public holiday) late night.
    So it's about 6 days trip, minus off the flight time.

    The lowest one i can find so far is Malaysia Airline
    2-ways is $292 SGD excluding airport tax and fuel surcharge

    Depart (SIN) Mon 09 Nov 2009, 21:20
    Arrive (KUL) Mon 09 Nov 2009, 22:20
    Depart (KUL) Mon 09 Nov 2009, 23:35
    Arrive (NRT) Tue 10 Nov 2009, 07:15

    Depart (NRT) Mon 16 Nov 2009, 10:30
    Arrive (KUL) Mon 16 Nov 2009, 17:05
    Depart (KUL) Mon 16 Nov 2009, 19:30
    Arrive (SIN) Mon 16 Nov 2009, 20:25

    Looking for :
    1 - 2 more traveler ( no gender preference )

    Budget :
    Average $100SGD per day ( incl food, ground transport and accommodation )

    Photographing :
    Autumn scenery around the National park in Tokyo as well as along the way towards Niigata. Bird photography as usual. Will be grateful if anyone here can give some suggestions for birding in Central Tokyo.

    Just wondering if anyone of you are interested? Let me know asap? if possible just indicate your interest by tomorrow?
    Coz this trip is quite rush and i need to come up with a plan fast. Thank you!!!!
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    Default Re: 9th - 16th November : Japan Autumn Photography trip

    myself still considering whether to go, but timing not able to fit in with yours but well maybe you can take a look here for some other fare comparison. Japan airline GV2 offer is quite competitive to the malaysian airline esp since japan airline is a direct flight compared to malaysian airline which has to stop over at KL first.

    Hmm have you considered visiting kyoto? The ancient charm of japan is really brought to its full beauty in autumn.

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    Default Re: 9th - 16th November : Japan Autumn Photography trip

    Hi Fireemblem,

    thank you for the link! Will check out Kyoto and see how it can fit into my itinerary! thanks!

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    Default Re: 9th - 16th November : Japan Autumn Photography trip

    ok, rough itinerary is out.

    Will be travelling along Tokyo - Niigata - Sado.

    Will be in Sado island to photograph the highly endangered wild Japanese Crested Ibis ( a.k.a "Toki"). 15 birds have been released back into the wild now -- the first "wild" ones for a few decades. I'm trying to get contact of a local there, hopefully he can bring us to find the wild "Toki".

    In Niigata, will mostly be visiting lakes like Lake Hyoko, Lake Fukushimagata, Sakata Lagoon
    Winter migrants may not be here yet, but i hope there will be some that arrived early.

    In Tokyo, visiting lakes around Mt Fuji area for birding and some of the parks for the Autumn leaves.

    haha, that is a really rough itinerary. But just wondering, anyone interested so far?
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    Default Re: 9th - 16th November : Japan Autumn Photography trip

    I've actually booked my trip there already around the same week. Will be going to Mt. Fuji and wandering around Tokyo. Any recommendations for some places where there's lots of autumn scenery to shoot?

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    Default Re: 9th - 16th November : Japan Autumn Photography trip

    Deepavali is this Saturday 17 October...In a earlier press statement on public holidays for 2009, the Ministry of Manpower announced that Deepavali would fall on 15 November 2009 (Sunday). However, the date needed to be checked against the Indian Almanacs when they became available.

    The actual Deepavali date for 2009 is now known. It will fall on 17 October 2009 (Saturday) instead of 15 November 2009 (Sunday)

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    Default Re: 9th - 16th November : Japan Autumn Photography trip

    Hi another12,

    some of the nice place to shoot the Autumn scene is Showa memorial park. golden ginko trees!
    I think you should take a look at this
    they have more reliable recommendation there of the Autumn Spots.

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