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Thread: Share your camera history...

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    Default Share your camera history...

    Right... soo I thought i might make a thread that might one day get stickied for everyone to share their history on what camera's theyve owned/what they think of them and give everyone a little more character rather then simply another username on an ever growing site..

    soo yeah share away how you got into photography and what cameras have taken you to where you are today... pics would be cool too! all brands, ages and creeds welcome here

    i'll start off..

    I'm 16 at the moment but first sort of got into photography when I got my first camera at about 9, this was a hand me down from my dad and it was a Yashica Super 2000 or something like that. Great camera and taught me all the fundementals about exposure, shutter speed, aperture, all that jazz. luckily for me my parents supported me and were happy to let me develop film when it cost a fair bit back then haha

    At about 12 years old I managed to save up halfway to a Canon 300D, back then it was like the first consumer camera to be under a 1000 bucks so it was like once again my parents helped me out and I managed to get the most of that beast for another 2-3ish years.

    Last year another hand-me-down came along in the form of my dad's 20D which he gave to me when he went and got a 5dMkII. Been using the 20D since then until only about a month ago at which point i upgraded to a 1D mkII after saving up for about half a year...

    and yeah thats about where I'm at now...

    now go on... share away

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    Default Re: Share your camera history...

    1992 - Nikon Zoom 70.
    1994 - Pentax Espio 140.
    2001 - Fujifilm A200.
    2003 - Sony DSC-P8.
    2005 - Canon EOS 500 and EOS 30.
    2006 - Canon EOS 10D.
    2007 - Canon PowerShot A710 IS and S5 IS.
    2008 to current - Canon EOS 5D.
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    Canon EOS 5D, 24-70 f/4 L IS, 50 f/1.2 L, 70-300 f/4-5.6 L IS, 600EX-RT. Sigma 12-24 f/4.5-5.6 EX.

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    Default Re: Share your camera history...

    I started off with a Fujiflim S5000,

    then Canon EOS 400D

    and now Canon EOS 40D


    looking to upgrade to 5D/5DII/1DsII within the coming 3-6mths
    Playing with M43.

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    Default Re: Share your camera history...

    Let's see..

    Nikon FG20 - Canon 20D - Canon 40D - 5D Mark II - Mamiya 645AFD - Hasselblad H3D - Nikon FG20 - Nikon F2.

    Full circle. But it made me realize that the joy of photography is not in the equipment but the photography itself. It doesn't matter what camera i use.

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    Default Re: Share your camera history...

    Nikon D70 2006 - Present

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    Default Re: Share your camera history...

    Wew... 2009 - present D90
    before that from 1992 use my father compact film camera... lolz... 19 years...

    Actually I also interesting in "lenses history"

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    Default Re: Share your camera history...

    My humble history

    2005 to 2007- Fuji S5600
    2007 to 2008- Nikon D40x
    2008 to present- Fuji S5 Pro + Panasonic LX3

    Love each camera lots...
    Dezmund Soh

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    Default Re: Share your camera history...

    Started off with the little EOS 300.
    Seeing as i already had some basic Canon Kit lenses i thought i would chose Canon to go digital with. So bought a 400D.
    As great as it was the move to the 40D was probably the most noticeable step up in terms of build/image quality/ noise/speed.
    40D was a tough camera to shoot low light sport so i purchased a 1D Mark III for its fast focusing and fps. What a beast, if only it could focus :S.

    Sold that off and changed systems. Sold off a 24-70 , 50 1.4, 135 , 200 2.8 and 300 f/4 to go nikon. and they say once you go nikon(black) you never go back.

    The D3 has done everything i have asked it to. It is a tool that works well in pretty much every different test i put it through and couldn't be happier. Missing the Canon Primes but you can't have everything right ?

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    Default Re: Share your camera history...

    73/4 - Kodak Instamatic 66x (died on the operating table when I tried to figure out how it worked)
    86/7 - Contax 159mm
    Late 80s - early 90s - Contax 137MA, Yashica FX-D, Yashica FR
    Late 90s - Yashica Mat-124G (recently revived)
    Ard 2000 - Contax 167MT
    04 - Panasonic DMC-LC5
    05 - Minolta A1
    06 - Konica Minolta A200 (factory replacement for dead A1)
    06 - Canon D60
    07 - Fuji F31d (still my 'go anywhere' camera)
    07 - Voigtlander R4A (yeah, back to film)
    08 - Canon 30D


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